List of items you will find in the game


Used to purchase gold heroes from Saga mode. Can be purchased through discount, usually for 5 gold. Can also be earned by spending facebook credits, though you have to spend about 500 credits ($500) or buy a group pack to earn just one. Thirty together can be earned by redeeming top prize from guild war.

EXP PillEdit

EXP Pill A- gives 50 exp

EXP Pill B- gives 250 exp

EXP Pill C- gives 500 exp

These can be recieved by sending ten gifts to friends in one day and getting it from the Lucky Treasure Box, free spins in Meng's Treasure Box, or through the Active Chests. Very easy to get. Can also be bought in bulk in the market using gold.

Aptitude PillEdit

Aptitude Pill A- has a chance of raising hero's aptitude, no risk of lowering it; if it doesn't work the hero's aptitude stays the same

Aptitude Pill B- has a chance of raising or lowering a hero's aptitude

Aptitude basically determines the HP and attack of the hero. It has nothing to do with the hero's color so no matter how many times you raise your red hero's aptitude, they will never become a gold hero.
These can be recieved through Active Chests, Meng's Treasure Box, and the Lucky Treasure Box. It's easier to get Aptitude Pill B. It's best to plant Aptitude Pill A if you want to raise your hero's aptitudes.

Cap BoostEdit

raises the stengthening cap for your equipment. For example, if you have a sword that can only be strengthened 5 times, using the cap boost you can strengthen it one more time. Also it's used to acquire some items from the Fair.

Can be redeemed in the arena for 500 points. Also can be redeemed in Meng Meng's wish for seven hearts. Can also be bought in bulk through the market for gold.

Enhance BoostEdit

used to raise a hero's HP or attack. There is no specialized one for HP/attack. It basically allows you to enhance your hero without having to use coins.

Can be won through Meng's Treasure Box.

Reset SkillEdit

can immediately reset a hero's skill without needing to pay gold to reset the skill again. If you find you're unhappy with whatever reset you got, you can use one of these to change it without waiting ten hours. Can also be used to purchase some items through Fair.

Can be won through Meng's Treasure Box.


used to break apart any equpment to get equipment pieces.

Can be won through Meng's Treasure Box, redeemed in Wish, bought in bulk through market for gold.

Equipment PiecesEdit

recieved from salvage; determined by what kinds of equipment you salvage; used to redeem gears and synthesize higher level gears

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