A list of things to do and any past/ current weekly events.

Things to DoEdit


Challenge other player's formations and raise your rank. With each rank you can get better prizes and more daily points to redeem for cool prizes in the arena.


A series of battles. There are 200 total. You get coins for challenging each floor.

Meng Meng's WishEdit

Do what Meng Meng asks you to do and you get hearts. You can exchange the hearts for prizes like Cap Boosts and even Tokens.

State WarsEdit

Choose between Wu/Wei/Star/Shu states and challenge other states. The winners get extra points they can redeem.

Seven CatchesEdit

Pay coins to get prizes that are shuffled up.


Pretty straightforward. Just click and you will gain between 30 and 50 cultivate pills which you can use to power up your lord's skills. It's not available until level twenty. You can spend 10,000 coins and one energy ten times a day or use gold.

First BloodEdit

Move from tile to tile towards a goal. Each tile could give you one of the following: +1 Step, -1 Step, Block, Battle, Token, Gold Gem, Red Gem, Blue Gem, Purple Gem, altar stone or cap boost.


9/30/2013- Challenge: Play Rock Paper Scissors with various characters to gain Red or Blue points to redeem.