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Welcome to the Dream SanGuo WikiEdit

For all of your general Dream SanGuo gaming questions, whether it's info on the characters and items or if it's just needing help to strategize for your campaigns we got it all.


9/25/2013 At the moment, this is a one person show, so updates to this wiki are going to be very slow, especially in the campaign category as I've not yet completed every level just yet. Extra collaboration is needed and very much appreciated! :D 03:18, September 26, 2013 (UTC)japancat


Find it here.

A facebook game based on the Chinese Historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." Play as a lord chosen to save a kingdom in a time of turbulence in Second Century China. Part strategy, part RPG, all cute and lots of fun. With the help of your cute assistant Meng Meng, conquer and unify all of China under your rule!

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